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“I have seen both Dr. Sarah and Dr. Emily and they are professional, kind, and go above and beyond to make sure you are healing and feeling better. I recently have seen Dr. Emily for pain in my low back, hips, and piriformis. It’s great to not just have a band-aid but to heal those areas so it doesn’t happen again!”

Meghan L.

“Dr. Sarah was able to schedule me in the next business day for some knee pain. Having had knee surgery before, I was a bit nervous for the diagnosis, and after an evaluation, I was assured no surgery needed. After a few weeks of rehab exercises that I could do at home, I was squatting again pain free. Thank you Dr. Sarah!”

Andy R.

“Emily has been amazing to work with! She was able to help with my pelvic floor tightness and bladder urgency issues, along with lower back pain, neck pain, and more recently sciatic nerve pain. I truly appreciate Dr. Emily for taking the time to listen to my story and help find solutions for the pain I was experiencing.”

Morgan K.

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