Your Guide to a Symptom-Free Pelvic Floor

Frustrated by leaking, pain, or heaviness?

Download our guide to a happy, leak-free pelvic floor!

What you’ll get –

  • Clarity on how to properly strengthen your pelvic floor
  • Breathing strategies to improve incontinence and prolapse
  • Tools to retrain your bladder – it’s not always about exercises!


“Dr. Emily completely fixed my pelvic floor issues so quickly. She has been an absolute gem to work with! My only regret was not doing this sooner!”

Sarah M.

“Dr. Emily provided information that helped me develop a clear birth plan to discuss with my OBGYN. The knowledge gained from this clinic helped my second birth to go so much more smoothly as well as gave me the confidence to be much more relaxed through the entire process. Thank you!”

Lauren F.

“Emily SAVED MY PELVIC FLOOR. Before finding Emily, I was in daily, debilitating pain. In just under three months, Emily has healed my tight pelvic floor to 100%. Thank you Emily for giving me my life back. I’m truly grateful.”

Elizabeth N.

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