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Understanding Shoulder Pain in Golf

Experiencing shoulder pain during a round of golf can be more than just an inconvenience; it can hinder your game and affect your daily activities beyond the fairway.

While not as prevalent as back pain, shoulder discomfort ranks as the third most common injury among golfers. This discomfort can manifest in various forms, affecting either the front or back of the shoulder. Injuries such as rotator cuff strains, labral tears, AC joint sprains, or even arthritis are frequent culprits. Despite their intimidating names, these injuries often don’t signify severe damage, though they can certainly disrupt your game.

Interestingly, the shoulder itself isn’t always the root cause of the pain. The intricate rotation and coordination required in golfing mean that the entire body demands attention to pinpoint the underlying issue.

Strategies for Alleviating Shoulder Pain in Golfers

If you’re an avid golfer, mere rotator cuff exercises may not suffice to alleviate your shoulder discomfort.

Among golfers, common factors contributing to shoulder pain include restricted mobility in the ribcage, upper back, hips, and shoulders. When these areas are neglected, the shoulder may compensate, resulting in discomfort.

Once initial pain is managed, addressing these key areas becomes paramount for golfers seeking long-term relief.

Key Areas to Target When Managing Shoulder Pain

The Shoulder

While the shoulder plays a crucial role, achieving adequate rotation and overhead mobility is vital for a successful golf swing.

Ribcage/Upper Back

Given the shoulder’s connection to the ribcage, enhancing mobility and coordination in this area significantly impacts shoulder health.


Improving hip rotation control can enhance swing efficiency and alleviate shoulder discomfort.

If these exercises fail to provide relief, you’re not alone. Addressing shoulder pain in golfers frequently requires personalized attention beyond what a blog post can offer. You may require a tailored exercise regimen or a different approach based on your unique circumstances.

At Resilience RX, we’re dedicated to helping golfers reclaim their passion for the game. If shoulder pain is disrupting your golfing experience, reach out for a free consultation. Let us diagnose the issue and guide you toward a pain-free swing.

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