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Accessory Exercises for Golf Performance

If you are a golfer who wants to improve your performance and decrease your risk of getting injured on the course, incorporating some accessory movements to your workouts can help you get the most out of your workouts.

Golf is a sport that requires rotation and fast speeds. You need a combination of mobility, strength, and power to perform at your best. We can use exercises in the gym to work on all of these things.

This post will cover a few areas to focus on with some accessory exercises to add to your workouts. These movements will address your mobility as well as strength and power to help you hit the ball further and feel good while doing it!

Adding in some specific accessory exercises to your workouts can help you train for the demands of golf. You want all those gains to translate to your drives and keep you feeling good.

The three main focuses will be rotational power, alternating movements, and hip/thoracic mobility

Rotational Power Exercises for Golf Performance

Since swinging a club is rotational we want to include some rotating in our workouts. Hitting the golf ball shouldn’t be the only time you work on that pattern. Using a light medicine ball (4-8 lbs.) is a great way to work on moving fast and rotating.

Often the beginning of the workout is the best time for these exercises because the main focus is power and speed so you want to do it when you are most fresh.

This sequence works on moving quickly and gradually increasing the amount of rotation needed.


Med Ball Circuit – Complete 2×4

  • Stagger stance slam – shifting back into hip while producing power with your legs
  • Alternating scoop toss – parallel to wall – more shifting into your hip but now shifting in and out
  • Shot put toss – perpendicular to wall – using your hips and trunk to throw the ball as hard as you can

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Alternating or One-Sided Movements for Golf Performance

Making your exercises one-sided or alternating will incorporate some rotation into your body even if you aren’t actually twisting. It can be a great way to compliment the heavier lifts you did earlier in the workout. You can work similar muscle groups while allowing some more movement to occur and work on some stability.
Below are a couple pairings you can use in your workouts

Hip and Thoracic Mobility for Golf Performance

We want to be able to rotate easily and without a lot of effort in the golf swing. Taking a couple minutes at the end of the workout to spend on some hip and upper back mobility will go a long way. You want to be able to breathe easily when doing these movements and not forcing yourself into the stretch as that won’t get the best results.

Variety is Key!

Try changing up your accessory exercises to improve your mobility and your golf performance. If you are not sure where to start, or pain is limiting your ability to play or train then fill out this form for a free consultation. We would love to help you feel and perform better.

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